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"and a poem," (February 2023, Health Promotion Practice: Sage Journals)
"Remember the Wind," (July/August 2021, Poetry Magazine)



Theatrical Performances

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Redemption: Sons Presented by New Hazlett Theater (2016)

Redemption: Sons is hope. It is change. It is a parent’s soul split in two and fused back together again. An African American mother from Louisiana and a Boricua father from the South Bronx engage in a call and response “duologue” as they weave a story of race, ancestral memory, trauma, and healing.


Raising the Point! (2009)

Raising the Point!, is an educational documentary which supports the South Bronx’s Hunts Point community’s efforts in improving the social, educational, environmental, and health injustices it encounters. Though the Hunts Point community faces many inequities, the film focuses on the issue of poor air quality. 

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