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Dr. Jason C. Méndez is a writer, playwright, performer, and educator based in Pittsburgh, NYC, and Puerto Rico. Visit  Sons of the Boogie, Block Chronicles, and The Méndezes to learn more about his work.

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Featured Projects:

GUARAGUAO NYC (Photo Credit Emmai Alaquiva) - 52.jpeg

The Guaraguao (red-tailed hawk) is a symbol for enlightenment and

perspective — to see forest beyond the trees. Guided by the question, "What does it mean to be Boricua?," Dr. Jason Méndez's debut film is a journey through time and art exploring the cultural history and artistic contributions of Taínos from pre-colonial Puerto Rico to contemporary Boricua artists across the U.S.  For more visit

Sons of the

Grab your tokens and get ready for a wild theatrical ride. Sons of the Boogie debuts in fall 2023 at New Hazlett Theater (Pittsburgh, PA). 

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